Cacao Brew, 180g or 500g



100% Cacao Drink, Vegan, Gluten Free.

Hot or cold drink.

Make this luxurious drink using:

FRENCH PRESS: Pour 284ml of boiling water for each 2 tbsp grounds & stir.  Steep for 3-5 min, stir again.  Wait 1-2 min and press.

COFFEE MAKER: 2 tbsp grounds per 284ml cold water.

  • Perfect drink as an alternative to coffee. 
  • Very nutritional drink with naturally occuring Theobromine to give you the lift you need!
  • You can also eat the contents straight from the bag!
  • It does not melt like chocolate as it is made only using Cocoa nibs
  • Shelf life - 18 months

180g or 500g

Full of iron, magnesium, fiber, flavinols, antioxidants.