Welcome to NearyNógs Stoneground Chocolate, Northern Ireland's first bean to bar, craft chocolate makers.

We ethically source single origin, speciality Cacao Beans from farms in Central America, South America, the Caribbean islands & West Africa.

We then hand sort every cacao bean, gently roast, stone grind, age and then temper into beautiful chocolate bars.

We aim to showcase the amazing origin flavours and tasting notes in every cacao bean origin.  We do this without additives, emulsifiers or artificial flavouring.

We aim to use packaging that is made from recycled sources and is either recyclable and/or compostable after use.  This is not always possible but will become easier as we grow as our business can buy better packaging the more chocolate we sell. Our postal boxes and paper tape are also made from recycled materials!

Nestled between the Mourne Mountains and the Irish sea along the scenic Mourne Coast, you can find us making chocolate in our small batch factory.  We built this as a family with friends and neighbours and always with you in mind.  It's a place for chocolate making, people gathering and story telling.

You can see our process and taste chocolate along the way. 

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